I have so much to say about this ‪#‎mylovelypeeps. For those who follow the wheel of the year, this is the beginning of a new year. For me, I see it as a point of evaluation. What worked out this year, what was healed this year, what did I build on this year, what did I let go of this year? As November starts, I find myself looking back and looking forward. What do I want to put to bed for the winter? What do I want to release for the rest of my incarnation? How will I proceed from here? There are no right answers to these questions. There are only your answers, #mylovelypeeps, and they are the right ones for you. Be gentle but honest with yourself moving forward. We are entering a time of reflection and rest. Allow yourself a deeper understanding about the larger picture of things; be honest about what yet needs to be worked out, celebrate what you have accomplished. Remember I love you and I have your back. Stay strong and be good to one another.

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