One of the hardest things for us to do for ourselves and for others is to forgive. We invest so much time and energy in keeping the hurt alive and right in front of us. As we enter the next cycle of life, do we really want to carry with us that old energy? Is it time for us to put down whatever resentment, anger, displeasure we have? This thought came to me several weeks ago when I was meditating on my own need for forgiveness and letting go. The question I asked myself was this: Is what this person has done so hideous that it will keep you apart for the next 18-20 years? Can I make amends? Can I forgive? Am I willing to put the time and energy to maintain my hatred/dislike/disapproval/dissatisfaction of this person or situation for another 20 years? I think not. I am unwilling to focus any more time or energy to maintain anger. I choose love and I choose forgiveness. Be good to yourselves ‪#‎mylovelypeeps‬. Forgive others, let stuff go. Our incarnation here is too short to hold grudges. Most importantly, FORGIVE YOURSELF. I love you all. Stay strong and be good to one another. 

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